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"TRAIL GLOVE 4 E-MESH", "AGILITY PEAK FLEX 2 E-MESH" adopting "E-MESH" with improved breathability and durability, released from the beginning of February 2018!"E-MESH" is a mesh fabric which realizes excellent breathability and durability by densely braiding parts where durability is necessary and braid widely for parts requiring breathability. E-MESH model which increased breathability and durability appears in "TRAIL GLOVE" and "AGILITY PEAK FLEX"."TRAIL GLOVE 4 E - MESH" ,"AGILITY PEAK FLEX 2 E - MESH"which adopted the upper E - MESH " Items will be released from February 2018 in order. We sell at MERRELL handling stores nationwide and directly managed shops, MERRELL handling online shop.